Degen Looters

Degen Looters is a unique collection of 1,500 gangster beasts, representing the vibes of gambling spirit and fun. Several gangs are united together to obtain every hyped degen stuff and bring it to the Lair. Their shameless yet honest creed is looting not for the sake of livelihood, but as a lifestyle!

Holders get access to special degen raffles in which everyone can win weekly raffled NFTs, pumping at that moment. In addition, the project seeks to build a strong community that enjoys simple day-to-day utilities such as whitelist giveaways, alpha calls, mirrors of valuable alpha groups, and more.

All your loot is all around $LOOT!

Hold your Looter

Earn $LOOT

Join Raffles

Use $LOOT to enter our degen NFT raffles!

  • - Degen Looters is a community charged with gambling, earning, and fun. By holding your Looter beast, you earn our native tokens $LOOT, which grant you access to exclusive raffles with hyped NFTs as prizes.
  • - Use $LOOT also to vote on which collections will be raffled, and loot what you've been dreaming of! Tokens can also be used to claim prizes in the community. Degen Looters love $LOOT!
Phase 1. Community
  • Holders Rewards
  • $LOOT System
  • NFT Raffles
  • Discord Utilities
Phase 1. Community
Phase 2. Long Journey
  • Partnerships
  • Advanced Raffle Platform
  • Digital Merch
  • Secret Alpha Community
Phase 2. Long Journey
Phase 3. Into the Unknown
  • Rallying together, Degen Looters community is a force of nature - a pack of hooligan beasts, united in strength, cunning and dexterity. Let's unleash our collective power to conquer any challenge and roar with triumph!
  • We love to loot, we are Degen Looters!
Phase 3. Into the Unknown




Killaloki is an NFT enthusiast who believes in the power of blockchain. His goal is to contribute to the growth and development of this space. With more than 10 years of experience as a professional programmer, he is now fully dedicated to creating innovative things in NFT.



Project Manager

Magnes is a former veteran investor, who achieved success in the last wave of the bull season. Already 2 years in the NFT space as a creator, collector and web3 marketing specialist.




Brook is an old-school anime fan passionate about all kinds of AI stuff. He helped to create Degen Looters alive through AI art. He sure knows magic!



Community Manager

Jiro is an experienced community and collaborative manager, cat lover, who cares to keep the community thriving and growing.



Head of Technology

Alexi has a proven track record of delivering high-quality technical solutions across multiple NFT projects. His deep understanding of the NFT ecosystem helps to create projects that stand out.

Pengu Mak

Pengu Mak


Mak is a dev fascinated by the potential of NFTs to revolutionize the way we think about ownership, and he is committed to creating projects that push the boundaries of what is possible. Whether it's writing code or something else, he is always eager to learn and explore new ideas in the NFT space!

Wen mint?

Mint price?

What is the total supply?

What is the mint structure?

Wen reveal?

What is this project all about?

Is Degen Looters AI generated collection?


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